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Why Triple Pane Windows from BIEBER?

choosing between double and triple pane windows ?

Given the condensation resistance, energy savings and enhanced comfort of triple glazing, all at modest incremental costs – the question is not, “Why triple pane windows?”–the questions is, “Why not triple pane windows - from BIEBER?”

Energy Savings
Not surprisingly, a triple glazed window is warmer not just at its edge, but over its entire glazed surface.
Added R-value of triple glazing makes a BIG difference in the overall heat loss.

Thermal Comfort
New homes and new commercial buildings are featuring larger and larger glass areas. While spectacular, they can be uncomfortable when temperatures plummet. They are uncomfortable for two reasons:
    • Natural Convection: During the heating season, windows are cooler than room temperature. The air immediately next to them is cooled and falls.
    • Called natural convection: Driven by temperature difference between the inside face of the glass and the room temperature. As inside glass temperature drops, the speed and volume of air being convected increases.
Natural convection explains draft at the bottom of a fixed window on a cold day. Heating systems are placed below windows – so that they can counteract the cold draft off the glass – at least while the furnace is on. Warmer window diminishes natural convection, and results in greater thermal comfort.

Once you've decided to buy a quality window, the cost of triple glazing is modest.
BIEBER window systems are designed to accommodate full depth triple glazing.

FSC Certification
FSC is the only timber certification scheme endorsed by all major environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace, FOE, WWF.
There are several levels of FSC Certification. FSC 100% means that all timber used is certified. Other grades include FSC Mixed, in which some material is FSC and some from 'controlled' (ie legally logged) sources and FSC Recycled.
Bieber offers an FSC Certified product, and have been through a rigorous auditing process to ensure 'chain of custody' of the timber used from forest to product.

Engineered timber
Engineered timber includes both lamination and finger jointing of timber, using modern high performance adhesives. As well as offering the optimum use of resources, this has three major advantages.

    • Lamination increases stability of timber

    • Virtually no knots or surface defects

    • Surface layers are cut to ensure that grain is vertical to the surface, which
    dramatically reduces the risk of surface movement and splits

BIEBER Super Efficient Low-E Glazing triple glazing
All low-emissivity glazing uses an invisible metallic coating to reflect radiant heat back into the building, without affecting incoming heat from the sun. This is sometimes combined with inert gas (generally Argon) fill to further reduce heat loss from conduction and convection.
Ecoplus System advanced glazing is superior because of its 'soft coat' low emissivity coating, which makes it not only one of the best insulated glazing materials, but gives outstanding optical clarity and light transmission.

True Warm Edge
Conventional aluminum spacers have a very high thermal conductivity, which can reduce the thermal insulation of a 60mm band at the edge of high performance glazing units. This will reduce the overall efficiency of the glazing and make condensation at the edge of the unit more likely, an effect which is particularly marked with smaller glazing units.
SuperSpacer® is one of the best insulated spacers available, and far outperforms options such as stainless steel or aluminum with thermal break. (see page about Warm Edge)

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Award for the best new windows glass product

Innovation award for triple insulating glass Biplus 3CL

The innovation award “Glassex Best of Show Award 2009” by the international exhibition Glassex / GP&T was just awarded to Interpane Glas Industrie AG for their new triple insulating glass Biplus 3CL. Interpane accepted the award from James Cower (Group Exhibitions Director – EMAP.) at the trade fair in Birmingham (UK). Due to the combination of excellent heat insulation (Ug-value) and a high total energy transmittance (g-value) Biplus 3CL absorbs more energy than it releases to the outside. The results of that are considerable solar energy gains.

The Glassex / GP&T exhibition is the most important event for the door, window, and conservatory industries in Europe, in turn attracting visitors from all over the world. Interpane had the honour of accepting the “Glassex Best of Show Award 2009” for the best new glass product. The intelligently balanced product properties of the triple glazing Biplus 3CL convinced the jurors: Due to the optimised heat-mirror coatings, it reaches a superb insulation value of up to 0.5 W/m²K, in addition to an above average total energy transmittance of 55 per cent at a light transmittance of 72 per cent. Solar radiation can thus penetrate the glass easily. The heat, however, cannot escape: The use of heat-mirror coatings in the triple glazing keeps the heat inside the room just like a well-insulated solid brick wall. It also convinces by means of its colour neutrality (Ra, D = 96).

Triple glazing has been successfully used for some years now in new passive and low-energy houses, where high-insulation components are indispensible. A weak spot, however, has always been the low total energy transmittance, which used to limit the solar energy gains. Interpane just solved this problem with their new Biplus 3CL.